Membership Hold Request

By submitting this form, I am giving Enid Crossfit my written notice to place my membership on hold per my signed membership agreement.

I understand that I may place my account on hold only one (1) time per calendar year, for up to three (3) consecutive months.

I understand that a $25 fee will be assessed per hold request.

I understand that holds run from the 1st of the month to the 1st of the month and that holds for less than one (1) month are not available.

I understand that holds cannot be applied retroactively.

I understand that my draft will automatically restart after my hold period.

I understand that I will not have access to Enid Crossfit facilities or classes during hold period.

I understand that if I cancel during the Hold Period, I must submit a separate Cancellation Form and it will be subject to the Cancellation Policy per my Membership Agreement.

I understand that if I do not submit this form by the 25th of the month, the payment will be processed as scheduled. All payments are non-refundable.