Ty Johnson-Owner/Operator/CrossFitter

Veteran Owned/Operated.  I am the Head Trainer at Enid CrossFit. Along with operating the Iron Den I am currently employed as a Firefighter at the Enid Fire Department.  I have 3 kids with my wife Taylor Johnson.  I love to hunt, fish, ride horses, play sports, and do just about anything outdoors. 

I am a Level 1 along with CFHQ Mobility Cert, USAW, and PN Precision Nutrition and currently studying Exercise Science at Northern Oklahoma College and Northwestern Oklahoma Sate University.  

I have been CrossFitting for 6 years now.  

Currently serving as:

-Strength and Conditioning Coach for the NOC Jets Softball Team

-Strength and Conditioning Coach/Linebackers Coach for Oklahoma Bible Academy Football team. 

-Spent 5 years Active Duty in the United States Marine Corps as a 0311/0331 Rifleman/Machine gunner.

-Bricktown 2014, 2015, 2016

-KO in the OK 2015, 2016

-South Central Classic 2015 (Team)

-10th Place in the Fittest in OK 2016 (Individual)

-Team at Fittest in OK

-Coed Classic 2015 

Our mission at the Iron Den is make everyone feel at home when they walk through the door.  We want to give you the confidence that you deserve.  To set goals and then help each person who walks through the door, accomplish those goals.

Taylor Johnson-Owner/Operator/CrossFitter

I am the wife to an amazing man and a mother to 2 precious kids. I love to be defined as a wife and mother. As a wife and mom, I want to be my very best in every way. I want to be able to help with horses, move hay, and build fence. I want to run and chase my kids and in the future play sports with them. I feel like CrossFit is one way I can be the best wife and mother. It helps me to be stronger, have more endurance and be more confident to be able to do things I never thought I could. I want to be my husband's helper in teaching our kids the importance of physical health and how it rolls into emotional health as well. CrossFit has changed my world and I am excited to share this amazing thing and help change other peoples' lives.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Biblical Studies with an emphasis in Missions.  I went to Career Institutes of Arlington and I got my LVN. I worked in Hospice and then moved to Acute Rehabilitation at Virginia Beach General Hospital. Once I had my first child, we decided that I would stay home and so now I am a stay at home mom and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

-Festivus Games 2014

-Battle of the Benchmarks 2014

-South Central Classic 2015

-BrickTown Throwdown 2016

Ryan Wilkinson-Trainer/CrossFitter/Head of Programming




Ryan started CrossFitting in 2008 off of the main site. In 2009 he joined Crossfit OKC in Oklahoma City and was a member there until he moved to Enid in 2011. Before CrossFit Ryan was a multi-sport athlete in HS and then played baseball for 4 years at Southern Nazarene University in Bethany, OK.
 Competitive Accomplishments
 -Oldtown Throwdown 2014, 11th, Rx'd, Wichita, Kansas  
 -Bricktown Throwdown 2014,  6th place, Rx'd Team, OKC
 -River Market Throwdown at the Yard 2014, 14th, Rx'd, Kansas City, Kansas
 -Battle Over the Redlands 2013, 6th, Scaled, Tulsa, OK
 -Red Dirt Classic 2012, 3rd, Scaled, OKC
 -South Central Regionals 2010, Team, Ft. Worth, Tx
 Ryan came to CrossFit looking to fulfill the competitive drive he had in his days of athletics. "I first found CrossFit looking for something to push me physically and mentally. I was tired of the mundane gym experience. As I've come to understand CrossFit in more depths, I'm realizing this is a journey not a destination. It's motivating to not only see yourself improve but also see your fellow CrossFitters improve. Seeing joy in a members face when they hit a new PR makes it exciting to come coach every day.   Besides CrossFit Ryan is a teacher and head basketball coach at Enid High School. 




Lonny Comp Picture

Lonny Robertson-Trainer/Crossfitter

I have been an avid crossfitter for approximately 6 years now and began my Crossfit journey in Durant, Ok with Choctaw Crossfit.  I started out just looking for an avenue to begin a healthier more active lifestyle.  That lifestyle quickly became an obsession when I began crossfit.  It has been a huge part of my life ever since.  Along with Crossfit I enjoy a lot of outside activities, a big one being rock climbing.  Crossfit has helped me become a stronger climber as well as an all around better athlete.  I have been a Crossfit competitor now for approximately 3 years and love competing.  I try and compete any chance I get.  One great thing I love about Crossfit is watching people who never thought they could become an "athlete," slowly transform themselves into that athlete they never thought they could be.  I take great pride in coaching and developing athletes. 


Crossfit Level 1 Certification

Crossfit Football Crossfit Football

Bachelors of Biology/ Southeastern Oklahoma State University


Lamar Lawson-Coach/Crossfitter

Hi, I’m Lamar. I am currently a student at Northern Oklahoma College inspiring to be an Electrical Engineer.  I love numbers, statistics, charts, logic and efficiency.  I desire to work with renewable energy sources and decrease harmful toxins and waste produced to create power.

My road to CrossFit (CF) began July of 2014.  I was yearning for a way to stay/get in shape but was bored of running and failed at the traditional body building regimen.  Through CF, my runners knee (Cross Country and Track) was relieved, my range of motion has dramatically increased, and balance between muscles (hamstrings/quads, front/back of shoulders, lower/upper back etc.) has been achieved.  My favorite part is the look on an athlete’s face when an achievement or a light bulb has been lit, what was thought impossible has been conquered. 

The CF community is by far what makes Enid CF a great place.  The discussions, laughs and experiences shared are too high to count.  CF is fun but would not be as fun without the community filled with people that desire a better way of life, a drive to improve and support inside and out of the box.


Crossfit Level 1 Certification

Leah Richards-Coach/Crossfitter

I’m Leah, from Woodbury, Minnesota. I am a wife to an incredible man whose Air Force career has
brought us to Enid, Oklahoma.
My Crossfit journey began in June 2013 and it has given me a new level of confidence in myself that
I never thought possible. I am a firm believer in the benefits of Crossfit– both physical and
psychological – that every person can gain from it. I absolutely love watching athletes learn and
grow in their pursuit to a healthy lifestyle. Another passion I have beyond Crossfit is food! The primal
way of living has changed my life dramatically. In my spare time, I enjoy cooking and baking with
whole foods and natural ingredients. I am obsessed with challenging our nation’s view on nutrition,
vitamins, and chemical use. Most importantly, I believe that our Savior has given each of us a body-
able to do extraordinary things. Crossfit and healthy living are great outlets to worship Him!



Crossfit Level 1 Certification

coach ben

Ben Johnson-Coach/Crossfitter

Crossfit Level 1 Certification

Crossfit Mobility Certification

Crossfit Olympic Weightlifting Certification

Kaleb Rexrode

Kaleb Rexrode-Coach/Crossfitter

Crossfit Level 1 Certification

Bachelors of Exercise Science and Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist


Keith Seal-Coach/Crossfitter

Keith started crossfitting in 2014 at Enid Crossfit after going through the Basic Training Course. Before CrossFit, Keith was a multi-sport athlete throughout his high school and collegiate career but baseball was/is his passion. CrossFit quickly became an obsession and has been a huge part of his life ever since.  Keith enjoys being a family man with his wife, Amanda, and kids, Karsten and Avi, who all enjoy Enid CrossFit as much as he does. Keith has been a CrossFit competitor since Jan 2015 and loves to compete.  Over his CrossFit journey, Keith has transformed his body and fitness due to CrossFit and Nutrition to a level he sustained during his early twenties.  


Crossfit Level 1

Crossfit Weightlifting Level 1


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